TEAM Tracey and Nigel Eastwood started a Local Laundry and Cleaning company in the wet and often sunny beautiful Peak District, moving into Dry Cleaning in 2005, after about 4 years of dealing with chemicals associated with dry cleaning it was time to develop a water-based specialist cleaning system!!

We then formed Wet Cleaning Ltd to take care of fabrics, now you still thinking!! Cyko….. as part of the specialist cleaning we had developed came the birth of Wax Jackets Cleaned!

If you need a waxed garment cleaning or are looking to purchase one, this is the place to do it!

In the development of and trying to improve our innovative cleaning of wax cotton garments we came to start using a product called CYKO.


Cyko Accelerated Bike Cleaner, it was being added as a booster to help with the removal of dirt, grease, waxes and soil without being too aggressive to damage the fibres of the fabrics.


After using this great product for a couple of years in July 2015 I did a ‘Victor Kiam’… (I liked it that much I bought the company).

After buying not just the formula of Cyko Accelerated Bike Cleaner but the Brand name we set up a small base in Marple Cheshire.

About 12 months it was time to take this to the next level, moving in to a 6000sq ft industrial unit in our current location of Hazel Grove, Cheshire.

With the new CLP regulations fast approaching in 2016 some tweaks had to be done to make sure we kept within new very strict EU guidelines, but that gave us a thought to make a good product a great product,

which now gives you the best Motorbike Cleaner available!

June 2018 has now brought you ABC by CYKO the NEW branding with no change to the UK's best Motorbike Cleaner!

Other premium products that have been added to the range including wet wipes, Visor Cleaner, Wash-n-Shine, Screen Wash – see our other CYKO products!

Screenwash with Deicer
A snapshot of our wet wipe production line
The UK's best visor cleaner is finally here...