This is a list of upcoming shows and exhibitions that CYKO LTD will be attending. If you stop by and visit, you'll be treated to exclusive discounted show prices!

SOUTH NORMANTON, DERBYSHIRE: Rock & Bike Fest (13 - 15 Jul)

ROYAL HIGHLAND CENTRE, EDINBURGH: MCN Scottish Bike Festival (21 - 22 July)

ROYAL INTERNATIONAL PAVILLION, LLANGOLLEN: http://www.llanbikefest.co.uk/ (4 - 5 Aug)

ST PETERSGATE, GREATER MANCHESTER: http://www.roughleysbikeshow.com (26th Aug)

STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY SHOW GROUND, STAFFORDSHIRE:  https://www.classicmagazines.co.uk/product/show/id/11 (13 - 14 Oct)